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Frustrated With Dead Beat Prospects?

Are you frustrated with  prospects not returning your calls? not answering the phone? and not showing up to your opportunity presentation?

It had happened to me way too many times. 

It goes something like this...

So, there you are, calling the prospect that you made an appointment with, and it goes to voicemail. You leave a message, but don't hear from that person ever again, despite leaving message after message. 

or maybe this has happened to you...

You plan a home launch party by sending out social media invites to everyone you know, even those that are too far to come.

And you walk door to door in your neighborhood leaving flyers in random stranger's mailboxes inviting them to your home party.

Sure, they are people that live in your neighborhood, but you have no relationship with them. 

And what happens? ... nobody shows up. 

Been there, done that!

How about you?

Let's stop the insanity and let me introduce my friend Brandy Shaver.

That was the case also for my friend, Brandy. Like me, she is a mom, and was working a full time job, while trying to juggle family responsibilities as well as build her network marketing business. 

But, she became fed up with driving hundreds of miles to hotel meetings and one-on-one presentations, while paying a ton in childcare, only for people to no-show. 

She lays out some great tips that I want to relay to you on how to get higher quality people to your business, with number 4 being her favorite and mine

 ( and it's the most effective). 

Your success in network marketing depends on your ability to talk to people every day.

You can get to the nitty gritty of growing your business here in my friend Ferny's FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp 

or read on...

for my friend, Brandy's tips, along with my own little spin on how top earners find people to talk to everyday. 

1.) Talk to people:   

When you are out and about, strike up conversations, give compliments to those around you, and make small talk.

Be truly interested in what they have to say because people like to talk, and they like to talk about themselves. 

A sample conversation that I used to have with waitresses when I was out on date nights with my husband, or out with the family, goes something like this:

I start with a compliment:

"You have been great today. I love your energy."

And then I continue with questions:

  • So, how long have you been working here?
  • How do you like it?
  • Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?

Then I say, " I am a recruiter for a company that could really use someone with your energy. It's a great opportunity that I think you might be a good fit for."

When they ask what the opportunity is:

"Well, I'd really need to sit down with you and show it to you. Right now I don't want to take you from your work. When's a good time to meet? I have Thurs at 3PM or Friday morning at 9 available. Which is good for you?"

They give you a day and time, and you say, 

"Great! Just let me get your phone number. I'll call now so that you know it's me."

But, if they say something like, 

"Well, I have to check my calendar."

Then you say, "Ok, no problem. Just let me get your number into my phone, and we'll connect to schedule a time to get together. What's a good time to call?"

Important Tip:

Do not give the presentation during the invitation!

When you’re on the phone with them, say…

“Hey, I only have five seconds. I just wanted to catch you real quick. Do you have 20 minutes this week when we could get together?”

Again, when they say, “What is it?” keep control of the conversation.

Say this:

“You’ve got to see it to understand it because it’s 90% visual.”

2.) Network at local events:

This is a great way to meet a lot of people in one day and be able to make a presentation, get leads and be able to present your products, services and opportunity to a group all at once. 

In the above picture I am presenting my products and services at an event at the local running store. 

I got to meet a lot of people all at once, answer questions, get names and phone numbers of prospects for follow up, and got to get my name out in our local community. 

Other networking ideas are going to meet ups with other local entrepreneurial groups. Talk with others that are like minded and with whom you can share ideas, talk about what you have to offer, as well as get business cards for follow ups and referrals. 

One example of a followup conversation that Brandy gives as an example is this :

“Hey Nathan, this is Brandy. We talked yesterday at the networking event. Listen, I love to work with sharp people, and you stood out to me. Are you at all open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing? I don’t have time to go into detail right now. Let’s meet tomorrow for 15 minutes or Friday at 6:00pm.”

3.) Attend local meet up groups:

Check out local meet up groups. You can find local meet up on the internet site You can enter your local city and find many events where you can meet new people that might need your products, services or opportunity. 

Just remember, don't go there to pitch. Go there to meet people, exchange information and really be interested in what they have to say, promise to connect and follow up. 

You can use some of the wording up above for your follow ups. 

Other examples are the following:

Local book clubs ( I used to go to the local book store and participate in their book club), running clubs, quilting clubs, cooking/baking clubs, etc...

The list goes on and can be tailored for whatever you enjoy doing. 

Here I am with my family enjoying what I love to do: running and exercise!

And sharing that experience with my family, spending time with them as well as meeting other people and connecting is fun!

And people get to know who you are. 

Attending these events often also gets my name out there by connecting with the other runners and the owner of the running store. There's potential for collaboration with anybody you meet. 

You just have to know the right questions to ask when qualifying your prospects. (That is another blog post in and of itself).

But for now, connect, get the appointment and make your presentation. 

4.) Using Social Media:

Everyone knows that prospecting—whether cold or warm—is the lifeblood of any network marketing business.

  • Cold market prospecting might feel like stalking—approaching strangers and trying to invite them to see what you’ve got
  • Warm market prospecting means regarding your friends and family as a potential source of money, which, if you’re like most people, you might see that as a challenge to your relationships and your own integrity. (It might turn you into “that” person everybody avoids.)

So while you can get leads from the first 3 methods mentioned above…

Frankly, do you want run around chasing leads all day?

It’s not my idea of a good time, nor has it been very profitable for me.

That’s why I do most of my prospecting and recruiting online now.

Now people reach out to me to tell me they want to join my business.

They just show up in my inbox or in Messenger.

Look, you’re still going to have to talk to people.

The networking business is a social business, built on relationships.


The Internet is simply better than traditional network-building

Online, you can set up systems to prospect, sell, and recruit automatically, which will allow you to scale your business and build your network quickly.

In fact, you can leverage the Internet to close literally 90% of your prospects, recruits, and even customers, completely on autopilot, without cold calling or rejection of any kind.

So if you’re looking for a way to automate your prospecting and to start attracting people who are already looking for you, then I strongly encourage you to sign up for my friends, Ferny Ceballos's

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You’ll discover how to build your business online using proven “attraction marketing” strategies so you’ll never have to deal with the frustration of chasing down deadbeat prospects, or deal with cold calling and rejection, ever again.

Plus, you’ll see how Ferny, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into his business each month.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you (instead of you having to chase them).

So if you’re ready to get started…

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Samra Mai
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