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How to Prospect Without Talking to Strangers

“Mommy, why do you talk to so many strangers?” 🤔

My kids saw me talk to EVERYONE within 3 feet about my network marketing products, services and opportunity! Ugh!

I talked to everyone- the waitress, the bartender, my friends and family, the gas station attendant. 

But, I got very little sign ups.

Sound familiar? 🤔

Well, I had had enough!

I was tired of talking to unqualified prospects and getting rejected by my family and friends.

After 2 years searching for a better way to prospect, I finally found a way of getting qualified prospects and targeted leads coming to me.

And you can learn more about it here.

Now, what I stumbled upon was a blog post that my friend Ferny Ceballos had written about his experience with meeting top earning network marketers at a game changing event in Vegas, and how they admit that "internet marketing and recruiting can work." And they are not referring to just prospecting online, but marketing as well. 

This is a new concept to many network marketers as we have been taught to meet "belly to belly" with our prospects in coffee shops, home parties, and networking events. But, here my friend was, standing in a room of 200 top earners in network marketing who had built their businesses either partially or totally online, using many different strategies of online marketing, 3 of which I will share with you today. 

Strategy #1: Social Media Prospecting

This is a growing trend that I have noticed in the network marketing arena.

It is still prospecting, but doing so online, taking your laptop with you while you relax by the pool or enjoy your backyard space .

Sounds great, right? To be able to prospect without leaving the house or have uncomfortable conversations face to face with strangers. You can literally put your feet up, open your laptop and start.

Now, bear in mind, that prospecting online is not the same as internet marketing, but it does beat out having to hang out at the mall or talking to strangers in grocery store lines. 

Here is the process that Jason teaches to his team after their warm market runs out. Jason is a client of my friend Ferny and is a 7 figure earner in network marketing. So, I would pay attention. 

1.) Facebook search: Use Facebook search to find friends that live locally (at least to start with) 

Here are the reasons for doing this:

First of all, Facebook lets you direct message 'friends of friends' so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the 'other' mailbox. It took me a while to figure out that there was an 'other' mailbox, and I have missed messages there.

Did you know of this mailbox?

Secondly, you start with local so that you can meet face to face to build a relationship of trust. Because when people trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. After all, you took the time to visit with them, to talk to them and get to know them. 

2.) Qualify: Next, you take a few minutes to check out their profile. You want to see if they are someone that you would want to do business with. Are they smiling in their profile pic? What are their posts like? Inspirational? or not so much. Do you resonate with their posts and their values? 

You are not only prospecting, but also qualifying them. You want to do business with people that you want to work with. After all, you may become great friends. Many of my close friends now are those that I work with on my team. 

3.) Message: Then you create your first message to them to connect with them.

So, as an example: Let's say that you are a network marketer in a health and wellness company. I would recommend that you keep it as an interactive conversation. In other words, ask questions, let them answer, before you say too much about your company.

Here's a possible conversation you could use:

"Hey (insert name here). How are you? I see that you are friends with (insert your friend's name). She and I work together. How do you know her?"

And then continue to be conversational. Ask them what they do for a living, or

"Oh- I see that you are in sales. Are you happy with that?", or "How's that going for you?"

At that point they most likely will ask what you do. You then mention that you are in the 'health and wellness' industry and that you are looking to grow your team. "You seem to be some that would be great on my team. Are you open to earning an extra steam of income?" And then go from there. 

Strategy #2: Creating Curiosity 🤔

So, if you are open to the idea and don't mind sharing, another way to prospect online is to share a post about your success story in your business or with using your product.

Let's start with leading with the business. You create a post about where you started in your company to where you are now successful and show your results (in a compliant way). If you are unsure of how to be compliant, ask your upline.

However, if you don't have results yet or are new to network marketing, you can leverage the success stories of your upline and team. Post in a way that celebrates your upline, yourself or your teammate and their successes. 

With regard to your product, if you are in health and wellness and you are promoting a weightloss challenge, or your success on the product, post before and after pics and share how you feel now that you have lost the weight or now that you have more energy. I have used posts of teammates as well to make it a weekly post, such as a Transformation Tuesday or Fitness Friday post.

I have done the same thing with weekly posts for the business opportunity. Seeing other peoples successes can be very powerful for your prospect. Especially if you angle it in the following way: "If they can do it, so can you."

And this was the most intriguing method that has helped me the most in my online marketing and resulted in the most prospects for me compared to the other 2 strategies:

Strategy #3: Attraction Marketing

Now, getting back to my friend Ferny and his experience at the networking event in Vegas that I spoke about earlier....

Here he was in a room full of top earners in their network marketing company, when they asked leaders who had made 6 figures to stand up. Many of these people reported that they grew their network marketing business using online strategies. 

And then, 2 seats up from Ferny, was a woman who earned 7 figures, and she reported that she too got her success from online methods. She described her methods and Ferny had the opportunity to later interview her.

Her methods are very similar to those that Ferny and fellow coaches/mentors had been teaching to their students for the past 10 years previous to this event, and he and his coaches call it "attraction marketing".

The blueprint for attraction marketing is outlined in Ferny's

FREE 10 day Online Marketing Bootcamp available HERE

and published as an ebook called Attraction Marketing Formula. 

The 6 and 7 figure earners described very similar methods to those outlined in the bootcamp and ebook. 

They did not message strangers online, such as in Strategy #1.

They did not post their product promotions all over their Facebook profile or friend's profiles, as in Strategy #2. 

They created a passive flow of leads and sales that came to them while they were sleeping , while on vacation, or while doing their day to day activities.

They would have an inbox full of 10, 20, 50 or even a hundred new prospects that wanted to buy their products and services or join their opportunity.

Many business have been taking advantage of online strategies, leveraging the power of the internet to be able to prospect, market and scale their business. 

Well, why not you? Now is your time!

There is a proven way to grow your network marketing business online, and that formula is in Ferny's FREE online marketing bootcamp available here.

So grab your copy today and get started!


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